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Seamlessly For You

Who We Are

We are a New York City-based advertising sales representative firm for a suite of digital providers and select group of regional, national and global media properties.

How We
Make It Turn-Key

Couture Marketing serves as a one-stop resource to our clients, crafting customized ad solutions for one, two or multiple properties in our network.  

Ad Solutions

We work hand-in-hand with our providers and publishers to create and execute performance-driven advertising programs for our clients within the digital, print and experiential space.  

About Us

A boutique media representative firm, we are an advertising sales team that utilizes our premium network of digital,  print and experiential media platforms to create marketing programs for our  advertising partners with one mission in  mind - drive successful results.  Delivering media solutions seamlessly is the cornerstone of what we do.  


For publishers seeking advertising representation, depending upon your needs, we work with leading brands & agencies spanning  New York City to international partners.  

About us

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